Important things to know about arthritis

Because 60% of adults all over the world are eventually going to have to contend with arthritis in one form or another it is incredibly important that you understand exactly what you’re up against.xdIRhd4o

Certainly one of the most debilitating conditions (especially when it is quite severe), arthritis is going to sap you of your strength, rob you of your mobility, and most certainly impact your overall quality of life quite negatively.

At the same time, there are a variety of different medical solutions and all-natural approach is that you’ll be able to leverage to combat the negative impact of the arthritis there. Many of them are fantastically effective when used intelligently.original

To help you better prepare for life with arthritis (or to help you help someone that you care about with this condition) with the together this quick guide.

Does arthritis only attack our joints?

Even though arthritic pain as the ability to radiate out into the rest of your body pretty quickly, at the root core of the issue arthritis is always attacking your joints – the place where to bones are going to meet one another.

Essentially inflammation in this area, there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, and all of them worked to destroy and inflame the cartilage between your joints that allow them to operate efficiently.

This is what causes the tightness in your knees and your shoulders, the pain in your wrists and your feet, and the creaky feelings in your back.

Is arthritis exclusively an “old folks” condition?

Absolutely not!

Though the overwhelming majority of people are likely to come down with arthritis after the age of 40, there have been documented cases of people dealing with crippling instances of arthritis as young as 25 years old.

Now, the odds are that you won’t be diagnosed with arthritis until your 60 years old (60% of people diagnosed every year are at least 65), but that doesn’t mean that you won’t deal with arthritis a lot earlier than that.

Can arthritis be cured?

There is no cure for arthritis right now (and there may never be one), which is why you’re going to want to focus so much on prevention and rehabilitation.

You want to exercise your joints, maintain a healthy weight, stay as active as you possibly can, and stick to a healthy diet that feeds and fuels your body and allows your joints to remain youthful as long as possible.