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How to Live with Chronic Pain

If you’ve ever experienced chronic pain then there’s no doubt about how difficult it can be to live with it on a regular basis. It can be a burden on both your physical and emotional health, forcing you to seek medical interventions that might not be recommended by your doctor. You can work towards living a healthier and happier life by changing a few small things in your home and arranging your lifestyle to accommodate the pain. It’s time for you to take control of your livelihood once again by following these unique tips for learning how to live with chronic pain.

Tip 1: Arranging Your Home

The first thing that you should consider is learning how to arrange your home to prevent having to strain yourself to get to everyday items. Make a list of everything that you use on a daily basis and then arrange it all to ensure that it’s within reach. Think about your closets, shelves, and cabinets and make sure that all of the most important items are easy to get to.

Tip 2: Adjusting your Vehicle

You don’t want to put excess strain on your body every time you get into your vehicle or experience a flare up in the middle of driving. Ensure that your vehicle is adjusted to a comfortable position where you can easily get from point A to point B without discomfort. You might need to move the driver’s seat closer to the wheel or purchase seat covers to provide you with more support along your spine.

Tip 3: Developing an Ergonomic Work Station

The majority of people who suffer from chronic pain spend hours behind a desk or at a computer on a regular basis. It is important that you create an ergonomic workstation that adapts to your physical difficulties. Consider arranging the monitor so you don’t have to strain your neck, find a more comfortable desk chair, and make time in your day to take breaks from your desk so you can stretch and move your body around. Check this Harvard  study for more info.

Tip 4: Finding Emotional Support

Above all, it is important that you find someone in your life that can help you through the emotional difficulties that you are sure to face with chronic pain. Let your family and friends know that you’re dealing with chronic pain and ensure that you continually communicate with them. You can also find online chat rooms or support groups for people searching for the right type of pain management.

Tip 5: Buy Codeine

OK. I admit.  This tip is tongue in cheek.  But I’m making a serious point here.  There comes a point with pain when you just have to bite the bullet and take the pills.  There is no point in suffering bravely when you really can feel OK and get more out of life.  Chronic pain is what is says and it can  reach a point – particularly as you age – where the only real solution is pain control and that means pills like codeine.  Even more effective is codeine phosphate combined with paracetamol. These two proven painkillers are combined in a pill called Co Codamol in the UK (sometimes spelt Cocodamol or Co-codamol) and Paracetamol-Comp in other European countries such as Germany and Denmark. By combining 30mg of codeine with 500mg of paracetamol you get a seriously strong painkiller. This is a prescription only medicine available online from certain legitimate pharmacies without a prescription by using their private doctor service to issue the prescription. So don’t be brave.  Don’t go ahead and suffer.  If you live in the UK or the EU visit this site for more information.

Important things to know about arthritis

Because 60% of adults all over the world are eventually going to have to contend with arthritis in one form or another it is incredibly important that you understand exactly what you’re up against.xdIRhd4o

Certainly one of the most debilitating conditions (especially when it is quite severe), arthritis is going to sap you of your strength, rob you of your mobility, and most certainly impact your overall quality of life quite negatively.

At the same time, there are a variety of different medical solutions and all-natural approach is that you’ll be able to leverage to combat the negative impact of the arthritis there. Many of them are fantastically effective when used intelligently.original

To help you better prepare for life with arthritis (or to help you help someone that you care about with this condition) with the together this quick guide.

Does arthritis only attack our joints?

Even though arthritic pain as the ability to radiate out into the rest of your body pretty quickly, at the root core of the issue arthritis is always attacking your joints – the place where to bones are going to meet one another.

Essentially inflammation in this area, there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, and all of them worked to destroy and inflame the cartilage between your joints that allow them to operate efficiently.

This is what causes the tightness in your knees and your shoulders, the pain in your wrists and your feet, and the creaky feelings in your back.

Is arthritis exclusively an “old folks” condition?

Absolutely not!

Though the overwhelming majority of people are likely to come down with arthritis after the age of 40, there have been documented cases of people dealing with crippling instances of arthritis as young as 25 years old.

Now, the odds are that you won’t be diagnosed with arthritis until your 60 years old (60% of people diagnosed every year are at least 65), but that doesn’t mean that you won’t deal with arthritis a lot earlier than that.

Can arthritis be cured?

There is no cure for arthritis right now (and there may never be one), which is why you’re going to want to focus so much on prevention and rehabilitation.

You want to exercise your joints, maintain a healthy weight, stay as active as you possibly can, and stick to a healthy diet that feeds and fuels your body and allows your joints to remain youthful as long as possible.